Suspicious Activity / Burglary

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Recent Robbery

In the month of April 2013 we have been made aware of a burglary in the neighborhood.  The crooks entered the house through a dog door and stole items including the poor dog!  I wish that family the best of luck in recovering their items especially their dog.  Tempe police came out and filed an official report.

Suspicious Activity

There have also been reporting of just suspicious activity and suspicious vehicles roaming around lately.  Tempe police has begun circulating the neighborhood throughout the day to watch for these types of activities and keep us safe.

Tips To Help Keep You From Being A Victim

  • Be aware of the vendors you use (contractors, maids, landscape, other in home professionals)
  • Keep your house locked
  • Keep your blinds drawn as to prevent anyone from seeing what you have inside
  • Utilize an alarm system and post the sign to show active monitoring
  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Keep sensitive items OUT of your car, especially if you park outside
  • Check your garage keypad to make sure you code numbers are not worn down
  • Report suspicious activity in the neighborhood by calling the Tempe police
  • Watch out for your neighbors houses (everyone can contribute to help each other)

There are many other tips and tricks to lower your chances of being victimized by people with no respect for others hard earned property but just remember to be aware of your surroundings and do your part to help keep our neighborhood from being a target.  Additional information about Crime Prevention can be found on the City of Tempe website or by clicking here.

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