Oasis at Anozira Owners Association

Architectural Submittal Form

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Attention Homeowners:  All architectural submittals need to be approved by the architectural committee PRIOR to scheduling the work on your home.

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Description of Work to be Completed: ( All pertinent info)*
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Landscaping: Description of plants, rocks, trees, grass (artificial), and other materials to be used accompanied by an attached plot plan.
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To help avoid unnecessary delays, please make sure that all information pertaining to your project is completed and any Pictures, Brochures, or Plans are attached/uploaded and submitted with the form. The Committee's review and approval is limited to, and only pertains to, the ITEMS DESCRIBED ABOVE. The fact that any 'other' information, improvement, or modification is shown on the plan(s) submitted does not mean that it is considered a part of the submittal.