Table of Maintenance Work completed/logged since 2014 at The Oasis

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Date:Type of Work:Vendor:Item:Oasis Map Area(s):Palm Trees/Trees/ Flowers/Shrubs:Cost:Warranty: Warranty Period:Notes of Work:Upload a File: 9/30/13RepairSomerset LandscapeSprinklers$535.89NoNone, 10/31/13InstallSeasonal Solutions, LLCPalm TreesSection C: {E}, Section E: {SW}, Section G: {SE}$2,224.41NoNoneGiven $200 Discount for customer appreciation, 3/1/14MaintenanceSea CadetsCanalSection A: {NW}, Section B: {NE}, Section G: {SE}Removal$2,950.05NoNoneCanal Weed Cut, River Rock Elliot Entrance, 5/13/14RepairSun Valley WheelsTrash CansSection C: {E}, Section D: {East N}, Section E: {SW}, Section F: {East S}$600.00NoNoneRepaint Trash Lids, 7/18/14ProfessionalJRJ Engineering, PLLCPump House/ElectricSection E: {SW}$650.00NoNoneStructural Engineer for Build-Out, 7/20/14InstallCraft KingEntrance Waterfalls$1,186.20Yes2 yearWaterfall Pump Protection Grates, 7/21/14ProfessionalJeff Dobbs, ArchitectPump House/ElectricSection E: {SW}$558.40NoNone, 8/12/14InstallCraft KingEntrance Waterfalls$3,769.32Yes1 YearReplace Pump Elliot Entrance, 8/13/14RepairEd GrabowskiPump House/Electric$690.00NoNoneMisc Repairs & Assistance, 8/26/14InstallDean's Lakes and More LLCFountainsSection E: {SW}$1,330.00NoNone, 9/3/14MaintenanceSomerset LandscapePalm TreesTrimming$5,018.26NoNone2014 Palm Tree Trimming, 91614InstallCraft KingEntrance Waterfalls$1,186.20Yes2 year, 10/7/14InstallEcono Smart Property ServicesBenches$11,436.96NoNone13 benches replaced around lake area - Oasis benches.pdf, 10/7/14RepairEcono Smart Property ServicesFountainsSection G: {SE}$978.05NoNonerepair of concrete surround in retention area off Los Feliz - Oasis drain repairs.pdf, 10/8/14RepairEcono Smart Property ServicesOtherSection G: {SE}$978.05NoNoneRepair of broken cement around grate in retention area, 11/3/14InstallSeasonal Solutions, LLCLights1250NoNone1/2 deposit for holiday light installation Oasis Deposit Invoice.pdf, 10/27/14InstallCustom Fence & GatesBlock WallSection F: {East S}3199.88NoNoneHomeowner to pay $1149.94 (50% of total minus $900 for Column), 1/8/15ProfessionalSystems Design Engineering, IncPump House/ElectricSection E: {SW}800NoNoneElectrical engineering plans redrafted for submittal to the city Oasis Pump House, add.pdf, 1/2/15ProfessionalA & A EngineeringPump House/ElectricSection E: {SW}$700.00NoNone, 1/22/15MaintenanceSomerset LandscapeSprinklers698.6NoNone, 1/26/15InstallWater Resource MangementPump House/Electric893.94Yes1 Year, 1/27/15ProfessionalSeasonal Solutions, LLCFountains1313.39NoNone Oasis Invoice.pdf, 2/18/15InstallCraft KingPump House/ElectricSection E: {SW}$25,000NoNone, 3/19/15InstallCraft KingPump House/ElectricSection E: {SW}10000NoNoneframing invoice pump house, 2/18/15InstallCraft KingPump House/ElectricSection E: {SW}12500NoNoneFirst payment for pump house, 3/26/15RepairCustom Fence & GatesFountainsSection F: {East S}409.22NoNoneWall repair near lot 242, 4/9/15MaintenanceAquatic Consulting & Testing, IncOtherSection E: {SW}875NoNoneLake Maintenance for Feb and Mar invoices Feb, Mar.pdf, 3/26/15InstallCraft KingPump House/ElectricSection C: {E}10000Yes2 yearpayment for framing per contract 2/23/15InstallCraft KingPump House/ElectricSection C: {E}12500Yes2 yearpayment to begin work on pump house pump house contract.pdf, 3/26/15InstallCraft KingFountainsSection C: {E}10000Yes2 yearframing portion of pump house contract 15.010 Craftking.pdf, 5/8/15InstallCraft KingFountainsSection C: {E}2500Yes2 yearfinal payment of pump house project, 5/14/15InstallCraft KingWater FeaturesSection C: {E}3787.36Yes1 YearNew 3HP Gould Submersible pump for South McClintock water feature., 6/1/15InstallEd GrabowskiTreesSection A: {NW}7568.4Yes91-180 Daysinstallation of 30 24"" box trees along east side of property. 3 Acacia Saliciua; 6 Acacia Stenophy; 4 Wilson Oliues; 4 Acacia Cameura; 11 Acacia Crespedocarpa; 1 Prosopsis ""Phoenix""; 1 Desert Museum; 1 'Bonita' Ash"", 6/1/15InstallEd GrabowskiFountainsSection E: {SW}1183.71Yes91-180 DaysInvoices for materials paid for by Ed Grabowski need for the south bay fountain. This DOES NOT include install labor., 6/18/15MaintenanceSomerset Tree MaintenancePalm TreesTrimming9620NoNone22 Date Palms; 118 Robusta palms; 6 queen palms; no skinning 6/23/15InstallSomerset LandscapeOtherSection E: {SW}2305.64NoNoneRepair to pond aeration, located at west end of pond. Demo and remove concrete encompassing existing PVC pipe. Install 5 brass fan nozzles., 7/7/15InstallCraft KingFountains636NoNonePurchase 2HP pump motor for center fountain of the lake, 8/26/15MaintenanceEd GrabowskiEntrance Waterfalls1500NoNonedrained water vaults; remove debris; acid and power wash; grinding/point patch all leak areas,