2015 Oasis Survey

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Please take a few minutes to give some feedback on The Oasis Community.  The answers can be anonymous.  We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you at the Annual meeting on Thursday!

Name (optional):
Phone (optional):
E-mail (optional):
How long have you lived in the Oasis?
Are you happy with The Oasis Neighborhood?
Are you happy with the management company (Kinney Management)?
If No, Please elaborate:
Do you think are HOA dues are fair compared to other communities?
What would you like to see most improved or changed in the community?
Would you be willing to serve as a community Board Member?
Do you think the community needs more or less or has adequate amount of trees?
Would you like to see $ fines to the homeowners for violations of the CC&R's?
Do you think it is time to spend the money on updating the CC&R's to include $ fines for violations? (Keep in mind this is a major undertaking and cost)
Any questions, comments, or other input you would like to give?

  1. Bruce Frye

    See you at the annual meeting